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Here is a list of news articles about uranium mining and uranium mining in northern Colorado. Click on the link to read a selected article.



Item Title Hits
Rapid City City Council has Grave Concerns About the Powertech Uranium Dewey-Burdock Project 2195
Stop Powertech in South Dakota 2527
Comments Due for Powertech's Proposed Dewey-Burdock Project 2341
Colorado Activists Took on Uranium Giant and Won - For Now at Least 2412
Powertech Uranium Lawsuit Dismissed 2789
South Dakota Legislation to Challenge Powertech Pushed Law 2700
Residents Slam Water Test Permit Proposal for Powertech 3493
NRC Suspends Permitting Process for Powertech South Dakota Uranium Mine 4436
EPA Reissues Draft Permit to Powertech for Aquifer Pump Test 2547
Powertech Puts Local Uranium Mine on Hold 2544
EPA Region 8 Withdraws Underground Injection Permit Issued to Powertech 2215
CARD Files Appeal of EPA Underground Injection Permit Issued to Powertech 2728
Alert: Certified Letter from Powertech 1679
Powertech Sues State of Colorado Over Mining Regulations 2195
Powertech Uranium Files Lawsuit: Claims Cleaning Groundwater Too Expensive, Burdensome 3406
CARD Press Release: Powertech Files Suit Against State of Colorado 1768
Powertech Sticks to Mine Plan 1980
The Future of Uranium Mining in Colorado 2688
From Russia With No Love for Colorado Uranium Mining Climate 2444
Shareholder Reviewing Investment in Powertech 2048
Board OKs Oversight of In Situ Mining 2802
State Mining Board Finalizes Uranium, Prospecting Rules 2178
Powertech Urges Rejection of Water Testing Rule 2011
White Plume: Keep out! Radioactive Sacrifice Area 2233
Action Alert: Send Public Comments to MLRB by March 15th 2368
Public Hearing Scheduled for April 15th for Powertech Mine Proposal 2333
Greeley-Weld County League of Women Voters Opposes Uranium Mine 3116
Residents Voice Uranium Project Concerns 3118
EPA Documents Show That Uranium Mine Permit Would Allow Aquifer Contamination 2632
Activists Contest EPA Actions on Proposed Mine 1994
Powertech Thinks Public Comment is Illegal 3157
Proposed Rules Target Powertech Mine Plans 1018
Proposed Mining Rules Revised 2563
Myth Versus Fact About In-Situ Uranium Mining - An Evening With Gavin Mudd 4693
The Potential for Long Range Transport of Windblown Radionuclide Aerosols 3396
Nunn Town Board Votes to Oppose Centennial Project 2648
League of Women Voters of Larimer County Oppose Uranium Mine Near Nunn 3294
Flashfloods Not Uncommon on Proposed Uranium Mining Site 3207
Powertech Pursuing More Land in Weld County 3005
Uranium Mining is Still a Threat to Northern Colorado 2461
What? No One Had Any Duct Tape? 3046
Uranium Mining Battle Escalates 3810
Mining Rules Get Overhaul 3053
Uranium Mining Firms Fail to Meet Many Standards of Restoring Groundwater 3088
Action Alert: 1872 Mining Act May Finally See Reform 3762
Foreign Ownership Issues Could Be Toxic to Uranium Companies' Mining Plans 3204
Powertech Files Request to Dig Large Water Pit 3347
Water Pollution a Major Concern for Uranium Mine in South Dakota 2877
U.S. Dept of Energy To Sell Excess Uranium 2808
Nukes Not So Nice for Texas Groundwater 2843

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