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We need your help. If you want to stop uranium mining in northern Colorado, you must act now.  You can start by signing our petition and voicing your opposition to the Weld County commissioners. See the Stop the Mining menu for details.

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Here are some web articles that provide information relevant to uranium mining and its consequences:
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  Link   Colorado Weather Almanac
By Mike Nelson. Edition: illustrated. Published by Big Earth Publishing, 2007. ISBN 1555664016, 9781555664015. 342 pages.
  Link   Report on Findings Related to the Restoration of Groundwater at In-Situ Uranium Mines in South Texas
Submitted by Southwest Groundwater Consulting, LLC (Austin, Texas) to Blackburn & Carter, September 2008.
  Link   Uranium: The Deadliest Metal
by Dr. Gordon Edwards, President of CCNR. This article appeared in Perception magazine, v. 10 n. 2, 1992.
  Link   Grover ISL Test Site Thesis
Uranium In Situ Solution Mining and Groundwater Quality at the Grover Test Site, Weld County, Colorado. Kenneth S. Wade. Department of Earth Resources. Colorado Statue University. 1981.
  Link   Environmental and Public Safety During In-Situ Uranium Recovery
Colorado Mining Association. October 25, 2007.
  Link   Colorado Foundation for Water Education
Our quarterly magazine features interviews, legal updates and in-depth articles on fundamental water resource topics. Issues are available in PDF format for you to read online.
  Link   SRIC Uranium Fact Sheet (PDF)
Compiled by Paul Robinson. Southwest Research and Information Center (SRIC). May 24, 2008.
  Link   Silence is Golden, Leaden, and Copper
by Robert Repetto. Disclosure of Material Environmental Information in the Hard Rock Mining Industry. Report Number 1. Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. July 2004.
  Link   Uranium Mining in Colorado
  Link   The Water Factor in ISR Uranium Mining
by James Finch. Seeking Alpha. April 10, 2007.
  Link   Predicting Water Quality Problems at Hardrock Mines (PDF).
by Alan Septoff. An Earthworks white paper. December 2006.
  Link   INFORM Colorado: Colorado's Information Network for Responsible Mining
INFORM is a nonprofit organization with the mission of educating the public about the dangers that exist when unsafe and irresponsible mining practices are permitted.
  Link   Nuclear power – the energy balance, energy insecurity and greenhouse gases
Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen. Senior Scientist, Ceedata Consultancy, Chaam, Netherlands.
  Link   Uranium Free BC Coalition
This site is dedicated to the renewal of a moratorium on uranium mining and exploration in the province of British Columbia and re-activation of the Public Inquiry into the health risks and environmental impacts associated with uranium exploration.
  Link   The Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia (ANAWA)
The Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia is a non-profit community group campaigning for an end to the nuclear industry and the adoption of safe energy strategies.
  Link   Dangerous Liaisons: Uranium Life Cycle
From the Sierra Club's Sierra Magazine.
  Link   The Nuclear Free News
  Link   Nuclear Power: The Energy Balance
by Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen and Phillip Smith. Updated December 2007. The original study and recent update (see aim to present in the most accessible way the scientific and physical aspects of nuclear power.
  Link   The Achilles Heel of Nuclear Power
Posted by Joseph Romm at 11:33 PM on 30 Oct 2007 on Grist - Environmental News and Commentary. Nuclear plants require lots of water in an increasingly dry world.
  Link   Nuclear Waste Down the Colorado River? Moab Utah's Atlas Mill Tailings Pile.
“It’s 13 million gallons of really nasty junk and it’s going right into the groundwater.”—Bill Hedden, Grand County Councilmen—Grand Canyon Trust[1].
  Link   The High Cost of Uranium in Navajoland
by Bruce E. Johansen. This article was published in Akwesasne Notes New Series, Spring -- April May June -- 1997, Volume 2 #2, pp. 10-12.
  Link   Nuclear Power is Not the Answer
by Helen Caldicott. Among the myths that have been spread over the years about nuclear-powered electricity are that it does not cause global warming or pollution (i.e., that it is "clean and green"), that it is inexpensive, and that it is safe. But t
This website is dedicated to uncovering the facts surrounding Powertech Uranium Corporation's plans to mine uranium in Weld County, Colorado.
  Link   Technical Fact Sheet: Final Rule for (Non-Radon) Radionuclides in Drinking
EPA 815-F-00-013. November 2000. EPA is promulgating the final drinking water standards for non-radon) radionuclides in drinking water: combined radium-226/-228, (adjusted) gross alpha, beta particle and photon radioactivity, and uranium.
  Link   An Environmental Critique of In Situ Leach Mining: The Case Against Uranium Solution Mining
by Gavin Mudd. The ISL technique is not always controllable, safe, nor environmentally benign, and the hidden costs are usually borne by the underground environment. This report represents a scathing rebuke of the Uranium ISL mining technique.
  Link   Impacts of Uranium In-Situ Leaching
WISE Uranium Project covers the health and environmental impacts of nuclear fuel production. This report is regarding concerns of (ISL), or solution mining of uranium.
  Link   Effect of Microorganisms on In Situ Uranium Mining
by Marylynn V. Yates, James A. Brierley, Corale L. Brierley, and Steven Follin. The growth of microbial populations during in situ leaching is believed to be one of the causes of flow path plugging.
  Link   Nuclear Power is Not a Viable Answer to Our Energy Problems
  Link   Science for Democratic action an IEER Publication
  Link   Ground Water Atlas of Colorado
The Ground Water Atlas of Colorado is intended to be a comprehensive reference of the state
  Link   Nuclear Information and Resource Service
The information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation, and sustainable energy issues.
  Link   Consideration of Geochemical Issues in Groundwater Restoration at Uranium In-Situ Leach Mining Facilities (NUREG/CR-6870)
Prepared by J.A. Davis and G.P. Curtis. This report discusses the in-situ leach mining process, common restoration methods and historical information on in-situ leach mine restoration.
  Link   Diagnosing Selenium Toxicity
by J.G. Davis, T.F Steffens, T.E. Engle, K.L. Mallow, S.E.Cotton
  Link   The Future of Nuclear Power: An Interdisciplinary MIT Study
An interdisciplinary MIT faculty group decided to study the future of nuclear power because of a belief that this technology is an important option for the United States and the world to meet future energy needs without emitting carbon dioxide.
  Link   Insurmountable Risks: The Dangers of Using Nuclear Power to Combat Global Climate Change - Summary
by Brice Smith. A report by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research concluding after more than 50 years since the birth of the civilian nuclear power industry and more than 25 years since the last reactor order was placed in the U.S.
  Link   SEA-US: The Sustainable Energy and Anti-Uranium Service Inc.
A collection of articles regarding uranium mining, uranium use, and health issues.
  Link   What is Radium? CAS#7440-14-4
Prepared by the Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  Link   What is Selenium? CAS#7782-49-2
Prepared by the Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  Link   What is Uranium? CAS#7440-61-1
Prepared by the Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  Link   Canyons, Cultures and Environmental Change: An Introduction to the Land Use History of the Colorado Plateau
"Leetso" the Yellow Monster: Uranium Mining on the Colorado Plateau

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