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Stop the Mining: Sign Our Petition


We need your help. If you want to stop uranium mining in northern Colorado, you must act now.  You can start by signing our petition and voicing your opposition to the Weld County commissioners. See the Stop the Mining menu for details.

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We are Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction (CARD).  We need your help to protect northern Colorado from the environmental, health, and economic impacts of uranium mining by Powertech or any other mining company. These local and regional resources are severely threatened by uranium mining:

  • Water - Surface, and Sub-Surface
  • Air Quality
  • Residents (Health and Welfare)
  • Property Values
  • Livestock
  • Wildlife
Click here to order. All proceeds benefit CARD.

If you are concerned about the impacts uranium mining will have on our land and water and your family’s health, then don’t just read this and do nothing!  Your actions can and will make a difference.  If the only thing you do is sign our petition or express your concern to a Weld County commissioner or other local or state lawmaker, then that is a significant act.

With your help and only with your help, we can stop uranium mining in northern Colorado.  To find out how you can help, read on.


Ways That You Can Help Stop The Mining


1. Sign Our Petition.
We provide you two petitions: one you can sign individually on-line and one you can download for multiple signatures.

We encourage you to sign the on-line petition now but also we request you download the multiple signature form to obtain the signatures of your friends, family, and business associates (i.e., take it to work).

The on-line petition also has an option to sign up for our CARD newsletter. This newsletter will keep you informed of our progress in stopping uranium mining in northern Colorado.

2. Email Your Concerns to Local and State Lawmakers.
We provide you a list of important email addresses including those for the Weld County and Larimer County commissioners, your state senators and representatives, and the governor. We request that you at least email your county commissioner.

If you have trouble composing a message, use this one:

Subject: Stop Uranium Mining in Northern Colorado
Message: I am very concerned about the potentially severe impacts the proposed uranium mine near Nunn, Colorado will have on our land, water, and health.  As my representative, I ask that you do everything in your power to stop this project.


Thank You.
(Your Name)

Click here (PDF) to see more examples of messages you can use.


3. Write or Call the Weld County Commissioners.
If you don’t like email, then write or call the Weld County Commissioners. We believe these commissioners can play a pivotal role in stopping uranium mining in northern Colorado. Here are the address and phone numbers:

(Commissioner’s Name)
915 Tenth Street
P. O. Box 758
Greeley CO 80632
Phone: 970-336-7204
Fax: 970-352-0242
Select a commissioner’s name from the Email Lawmakers page or write or call all of them.


4. Write Your Local Newspaper.
Write an editorial or "letter to the editor" of your local newspaper. This action will help us alert more citizens to the potential dangers of uranium mining in northern Colorado. We have already had several editorials written by CARD volunteers published in both the Fort Collins Coloradoan and the Greeley Tribune (click here to see the Local Editorials page).

Click here for useful tips for writing a letter to the editor.

5. Become a CARD Volunteer.
We are a very active organization and while our ranks are growing, there is still much to do. If you can only donate a few hours here or there we can use your help in a variety of ways.

6. Donate Money.
As a volunteer organization, we depend on your financial donations to support the increasingly large effort to stop uranium mining in northern Colorado.

7. Donate at Least $500: Be a Public Supporter.
To recognize larger financial contributions from individuals or organizations, we have established Gold (at least a $5000 donation), Silver ($1000) and Bronze ($500) support levels and published the names of the donors in each level (with their permission) on a separate web page.

8. Sign a Company Resolution.
Follow the lead of the Larimer County Medical Association and encourage your company to sign a resolution to express to Weld and Larimer County Commissioners and State of Colorado lawmakers your company's concerns about the impacts uranium mining will have on northern Colorado.

9. Display Your Support.
Display your support with yard signs, bumper stickers, car magnets, and tee shirts.

10. Subscribe to our Newsletter.
The CARD email newsletter will keep you informed of important CARD events, update you on our efforts and progress to stop uranium mining in northern Colorado, and show you ways you can help us in this fight.

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