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Get the facts; Powertech inept Print

by Randy King (Letter to the Editor)
The Greeley Tribune
January 13, 2008

This needs to be told again.

Powertech was a boiler and water heater company a couple years ago. They have never done in-situ leach uranium mining. So inept are they that a local, prominent and accomplished well company was hired by Powertech to case the exploratory wells it has recently dug. The well company talked Powertech into this to keep it from contaminating the aquifer from the exploration alone!

This same well company has drilled hundreds of wells in this area (including mine) and tells of how dynamic the aquifer is. I live one mile from ground zero and my recharge is 40 gallons per minute. Most of my neighbors have a similar recharge. There are a number of artesian springs in the area. For Powertech to claim the project will be totally contained is an out-and-out lie!

Get the facts. There are a number of other in-situ uranium mining projects around the country that are being exposed as to the contamination they have caused. Is this a good thing for the beautiful northern Colorado? Is this right for you?

Randy King lives in Wellington

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